Welcome to the K-REACH Data-Brokerage Platform

An online tool for successful and secure data sharing

The ReachCentrum Data Brokerage Platform is a comprehensive online tool enabling companies owning data (including studies relating to an end-point) to sell the right to refer to the data to parties who are registering substances in South Korea under The Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals of Korea (K-Reach).

How to Access the Tool

Sellers of data register their interest in participating in this service and identify the data sets that they have ownership rights in and wish to make available under a Letter of Access Agreement. Based on the substance, Buyers can indicate their interest in specific studies for direct or read-across use.

Seller Requirements

To register interest in this service, the Seller will need the following for each data set:

ReachCentrum will contact the Seller with the terms and conditions to be agreed for signature. The Seller provides then ReachCentrum with the details per endpoint and the licensing/sub-licensing conditions. ReachCentrum will complete the set-up for the data sets and associated prices on the platform.
A handling charge is payable to ReachCentrum on completion of the sale of access to the data set(s).

Buyer Requirements

To register, the Buyer is required to provide the following:

Prior to access for use of the data, the Buyer will be asked for payment of the indicated fee for the data set chosen. On payment the Buyer will be provided with a Letter of Access (LoA) which allows the Buyer access to the Robust Summaries, Studies, CSR (depending on the sellers offering)and to refer to the data for K-Reach purposes.

After receipt of payment from the Buyer, please allow five working days for ReachCentrum to process the transaction.

Notwithstanding the specific conditions applying to each of the transactions described above, the following disclaimers shall apply in all circumstances ReachCentrum does not:

The data sets are not complete dossiers for the purposes of K-Reach and will have to be re-worked for this purpose by the Buyer. ReachCentrum is not responsible for any mis-use of the data by the Buyer.